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Minnesota Industrial Coatings provides consistently high-quality industrial coatings, including powder coating and electrocoating. (e-coating).

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Minnesota Industrial Coatings

Minnesota Industrial Coatings provides consistently high-quality industrial coatings, including powder coating and electrocoating (e-coating).

Minnesota Industrial Coatings specializes in handling large parts on quick turnaround, and can also affordably coat tiny components or low-quantity orders, and provide custom-masking.

Minnesota Industrial Coatings also offers Assembly, Packaging, Shipping, Storage, and Parts identification Minnesota Industrial Coatings carefully guides each customer’s project through planning and preparation, coating, testing, packaging, and shipping.

Our coating experts work closely with each customer, using leading coatings technologies and eco-sensitive, quality-driven processes.

Minnesota Industrial Coatings

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E-coating Services

E-coating is a wet paint finishing process that uses electrical current to attract paint to a metal surface when it is immersed in a water-based solution.

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Powder Coating

The electrostatic application of an organic powder to metal is known as Powder Coating. The powder is “cured” by heating or baking, resulting in a hard layer.

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As part of the Elemet Group, we have access to sister companies offering metal spinning, robotic welding, automated machining, punching, assembly, and waterjet cutting. This access provides our customers a true “one-stop-shop” for their metal needs.

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7 Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a technique for painting metal parts, different from traditional painting methods. It’s a free-flowing dry finishing process that uses thermoplastic or thermoset

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