Process of powder painting auto disks

How Much Does Powder Coating Cost?

You might wonder if powder coating is expensive, well, you’re on the right website to find out! At Minnesota Industrial Coatings, we pride ourselves on…

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powder coating masking effect on car rims

What Is Powder Coating Masking?

Masking is an indispensable part of every powder coating job. Masking keeps the powder from reaching certain parts of an item and compromising its function….

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metal gears with the words benefits and cost

7 Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a technique for painting metal parts, different from traditional painting methods. It’s a free-flowing dry finishing process that uses thermoplastic or thermoset…

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a 1950s dashboard as an example of the history of powder coating

A Brief History of Powder Coating

Powder coating – the electrostatic process of coating metal with an organic powder – is environmentally friendly, durable, and can cover almost any metal surface….

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