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e coating parts as an example of an industrial coating


The industrial finishing process is placing or applying a physical, mechanical, or chemical industrial coating to the surface of a metallic part or component.

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Rusted and non-rusted Gears.

Preventing Metal Corrosion

There are several different methods of preventing metal corrosion. The most effective method is coating the metal surface to provide a sealed moisture barrier.

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Technician spray e-coat on metal beam to show powder coating versus painting metals.

Painting vs. Coating Metals

When working with metals, painting is to protect. There are two popular forms of coating metals; using traditional paint and using a powder coating.

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Metal beams with e-coating in warehouse.

A-Coating vs. E-Coating

A-coating vs. E-coating. Both are dip-coating processes that add rust & corrosion-proof coating to metal. How can you choose the right industrial metal coating?

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