Painting vs. Coating Metals

When working with metals, painting is to protect. There are two popular forms of coating metals; using traditional paint and using a powder coating.

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A-Coating vs. E-Coating

A-coating vs. E-coating. Both are dip-coating processes that add rust & corrosion-proof coating to metal. How can you choose the right industrial metal coating?

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Electroplating vs. Electrocoating

To the layman, it might seem as though there’s little to the debate of “electroplating vs. electrocoating.” After all, both of these metal finishing processes

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E-Coating vs. Powder Coating

Among the many types of industrial coatings are electrocoating and powder coating. These two processes are similar, as they both involve applying a coating to

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multi colored metal swatch

An Introduction To E-Coating

From cars to hardware, customers demand higher quality, performance, and durability from their products, wanting the finish to look good and resist corrosion.

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