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Customers today demand higher durability and higher quality from the products they spend their money on. They expect these products to perform flawlessly, but they also want the finish to look great and resist wear-and-tear for much longer.

Because of our e-coating’s application, it is typically the better option when coating parts that contain hard-to-reach areas. That’s because an object’s immersion into a liquid promotes a more even and thorough distribution of the coating than is typically achieved with a powder coating spray gun. The powder coating process also tends to produce a thicker finished layer.

Conversely, the e-coating process provides greater ease of thickness regulation. That is, it’s much easier to produce a thinner coating with e-coating than with powder coating or traditional wet painting.

As one of the Elemet Group companies, our team often works on manufacturing projects from Elemet Manufacturing or Glenn Metalcraft. They make the pieces, and we coat them!

Advantages of E-Coating

Economic Advantages of E-Coat:

E-Coating Capabilities

We use a six-stage pretreatment system, complete with our Zirconization conversion process. This process is environmentally-friendly as a green alternative to traditional zinc or iron phosphate conversion coatings.

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A-Coating vs. E-Coating

A-coating and E-coating are two options for industrial metal coating technologies. They apply rust and corrosion-proof coating to metal parts.