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Our E-Coating Services

E-coating is a wet paint finishing process that uses electrical current to attract paint to a metal surface when it is immersed in a water-based solution. Customers today demand higher durability and higher quality from the metal finishing they spend their money on. Customers expect the coat technologies to adhere to the surface and perform flawlessly. They also want coating solutions to look great, provide corrosion resistance, and resist wear and tear.

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The 4 Part E-Coating process

  1. Pretreatment: The metal part is cleaned, and the surface is prepared to apply the e-coat.
  2. E-Coat Bath: The e-coat bath consists of 80% deionized water and 20% paint resin solids. When an electrical charge is sent through the e-coat bath, the particulate paint solids provide a coating system for the metal part. The paint resin provides the pigmentation color and gloss, corrosion protection, durability, and hardness.
  3. Rinse: During the e-coat process, paint is applied to the part using a regulated amount of electric current to achieve the desired thickness. Once the coating reaches the prescribed thickness, the coating process slows down. As the part comes out of the bath, the paint residue remaining on the surface is rinsed off. This residue material is returned to the e-coating tank.
  4. Curing: The post-rinse part is placed in a bake oven to cure the paint film

Because of Minnesota Industrial Coatings’ e-coating application method, it is typically the better option when coating parts that contain hard-to-reach areas. An object’s immersion into liquid promotes a more complete coating distribution than can be achieved with a powder. The powder coating process also tends to produce a thicker finished metal surface.

Conversely, the e-coating process provides greater ease of thickness regulation. It is much easier to produce a thinner coating with e-coating than with powder coating or traditional wet painting.

Minnesota Industrial Coating is an experienced e-coating finishing company. We provide our customers with high-quality service and performance. Contact us for an estimate.

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Advantages of E-Coating Services

Economic Advantages of E-Coat Services:

E-Coating Capabilities

Minnesota Industrial Coatings is an Elemet Group company. Our team frequently coats parts and products that have been fabricated, machined, or manufactured by Elemet Manufacturing or Glenn Metalcraft. We can help with your e-coating project too!