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Our parent company, Glenn Metalcraft Incorporated (GMI), offers spinning, welding, and cutting for our coating customers. They spin and weld before we coat, and we coat what they spin and weld!

GMI started with their spin forming capabilities, ranging from the thinnest of gauges to 1.5″ in thickness. CNC (computer numerical control) lathes provide extreme accuracy, consistency, and maximum power.

Adding on to their spinning capabilities, they hired certified welders who use manual and robotic welding to bond alloys with precision onto all of their weldments.

Adding to their capabilities, they increased their value-added offerings with laser, plasma, and waterjet cutting services.

About Glenn Metalcraft Incorporated
Glenn Metalcraft Incorporated opened its doors in 1947. Our stable expertise, our extensive list of services, and our high-tech equipment fuel our continued innovation. GMI was one of the first American companies to invest in CNC spin forming technology. We continue to lead the manufacturing industry in high-quality, close-tolerance, heavy-gauge metal spinnings.

The mission of Glenn Metalcraft Incorporated is to provide innovative, single-source solutions to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) industry. Building on our initial offering and core competency of metal spinning, we continually add capabilities, capacity, and automation to meet our customers’ needs. At GMI, our leadership team is committed to providing an inclusive environment where everyone is treated with respect and encouraged to develop their careers. Our unending desire for success and our customers’ success will ensure lasting and beneficial relationships throughout our industry.

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